Graduate to Success!

How to find your dream job, achieve financial freedom, and become the happiest attending in the hospital!

Graduating to Success is the flagship course from Jordan Frey, The Prudent Plastic Surgeon!
A hands-on course that guides and teaches you to thrive (not just survive!) as an attending physician - personally, professionally, and financially!


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Why Did I Create This Course?

Basically, this course is everything I wish I knew and that we should have been taught during our decades of education!

We all know just how confusing, challenging, and seemingly directionless the transition to becoming an attending can be. And then we have to actually be an attending physician with all the great responsibility that comes with it!

We also know that burnout, moral injury, and fatigue are an epidemic in medicine.

I Know All of This Very Personally:

Before my financial education and well-being training, I was financially clueless, burned out, and very, very much in debt. Along with my wife, I dedicated myself to overall and financial well-being and found that I became a better doctor along the way!

That’s why I started blogging to share my journey it's also why I created this course in a very personal and passionate way!

My goal and reason for creating this course is to help physicians to start living their best life - personally, professionally, and financially! 


More About Me!

Hi! I'm Jordan Frey. I'm a plastic surgeon in Buffalo, NY where I live with my wife, Selenid, and our two boys. I'm also the blogger behind The Prudent Plastic Surgeon!

At the end of my 7 years of training in NYC, I realized that I was burned out. I was at risk of losing my love and passion for medicine. 

There were a lot of reasons for this, but 2 big ones were:

1. I was so focused on what I "needed" to do and what others thought I should do that I had spent no time thinking about what I wanted!

2. I was financially clueless, in >$500K debt, and without any concept of how to set a financial foundation.

Selenid and I then dedicated ourselves to our well-being and our financial education.


The results have been stunning!

In less than 1 year, we:

  • Created our own financial plan
  • Learned to invest in a stress-free and safe manner
  • Were managing ALL of our own finances
  • Invested in multiple real estate properties that put cash in our pocket every month, and
  • More than doubled our net worth!

Most importantly, we found that our overall well-being improved dramatically and I rediscovered my passion for medicine!

I spent hundreds of hours learning, researching, and gaining the experience to do all of this. 
My goal with this course is to condense all of this knowledge and experience to share it with you in the most authentic and digestible manner possible so that you can experience the same success and even MORE!

The One Course with All The Tools You Need to Succeed!

8 Course Modules

Find your perfect job, set your financial foundation, invest your money with basic and advanced strategies and more!

Tons of Downloadable Guides

Includes budgeting template and guide to create your own personal written financial plan!

Bonus Module on Real Estate Investing

Learn to harness the power of real estate investing as a wealth accelerant!

"Jordan is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to personal finance. He is efficient, patient, and made financial concepts easy to understand when answering questions. When discussing financial goals he is attentive, trustworthy, and genuine."

- Daniel C.

8 Modules to Boost Your Journey to Well-Being and Financial Freedom!

Module 1: Growing a Healthy Mindset
Module 2: Finding the Perfect Job
Module 3: Protecting Your Future
Module 4: Setting the Foundation for Financial Success
Module 5: Investing Your Money 101 (And Beyond)
Module 6: Advanced Strategies for Financial Freedom
Module 7: Buy vs. Rent your First Home
Bonus Module! Real Estate Investing for Physicians
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The Course with Everything You Need to Find Your Dream Job, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Be the Happiest Attending in the Hospital!